What Binds Us Together

It started off as a get-together to celebrate my fifth year as a blogger. I invited women who made an impact and influenced me along the years as a writer for this blog, but the event didn’t just serve as a ‘thank you’ on my behalf. It also allowed other women who both blog and love brunch to network amongst one another. Amazing things happened during What Binds Us Together: Blogs x Bottomless Brunch; women shared their experiences, the highs and lows of not only blogging, but their lives.

The idea for What Binds Us Together: Our Stories was born. The series will chronicle our mishaps, mistakes, moments of mourning/moments of clarity and our everyday hustles that somehow turned into beautiful messages that we all, as women, can learn from. Everything EnJ has always been my safe haven, although the work published here is open to the public. The purpose of What Binds Us Together: Our Stories is to allow women the opportunity to open up about their journeys, creating a safe space for others to eventually tell theirs and live in their truths.

These aren’t my words, these are yours.


Tyece’s Story – You May Want To Step Outside

Kimani’s Story – The Art of Selling Sex

GG’s Story – That Kind of Daughter

Amber’s Story – When Purpose Meets Passion

Minnie’s Story – Beyond 100 Words

Jhéanell’s Story – Pain Brings Purpose

Nneka’s Story – Narcissism & Nappy Hair

Rae’s Story – Gentle Reminders on Love

Jacqueline’s Story – She Shows Me What Faith & Strength Look Like

Roconia’s Story – Sign Language