The Art of Selling Sex – Kimani’s Story

When I decided to follow my calling, I knew that I would encounter uncharted territories. Starting the website was easy, figuring out my content was the real challenge. Sure, I could talk about sex and how great it is, but there is so much more than that one facet. I decided to help people through the discussions that aren’t happening – and that is how my “Awkward Questions” segment was born. My first question ever was about queefing, the next about masturbation and its effect on virginity. After that, the questions came pouring in. From there, I began to take note of the questions that not only needed answers but needed solutions, too. That’s when I started selling sex… 
I started helping women get their vaginas tight, make them wet – keep them there. Men started sending me photos of their “parts,” asking how to get hard and maintain erections. Most normal people would be creeped out, cringe at the thought, but apparently I’m the Super Woman of limp dicks. I save the penis and set it free, back into society. 
Now, you’re probably wondering what possessed me to become an escort. The answer is, I’m not one. I’m a sex health coach, and sometimes I never even see what my clients look like. 
People come to me, email me, inbox me with their problems and I use my knowledge, studies and research to solve them. I’ve helped men with erectile dysfunction, women with loose vaginas (for various reasons) and a few individuals with physical disabilities. It is an honor to be blessed with such a gift and to be trusted with people’s livelihoods, but no good deed goes unpunished. I have to put up with unwarranted penis pics in my social media inboxes, statements like “I always knew you were a freak” from childhood friends and other judgements from people I don’t even know. Who would have thought that sex was such a bad thing? 
As a woman, I feel it is imperative to know one’s self; what you like, dislike and have learned about sex. 
If you don’t know what pleases you, how can you teach or expect someone else to do it? I am one of the less inhibited people on this earth, so I own my sexuality and everything that comes with it. During my pregnancy, I truly realized the importance of confidence and knowing my vagina’s worth. I was placed on this earth to empower other humans to find their sexual selves and unleash them responsibly and appropriately. Initially, that was just through coaching, but eventually it grew into far more than that. Women started asking if I sold toys, fetish fans were seeking supplies, people wanted discreet way to get condoms and the demand became too much to ignore.
I opened my online store and started servicing the world. Now, you can insert the pun. 
When people find out what I do, they assume I have spectacular, freaky, experimental sex wit whips and chains and all kinds of things. Once they hear that I’m married, the assumptions get even worse. Yes, I have a dancer pole in my house, no, I don’t suspend myself naked from a Chinese Basket or let my husband tie me up and torture me. If I did – you’d never know about it. I believe in the sanctity of the sex life, and the truth is, my romantic world is awesome. 
I decided that I would not let motherhood, a nine to five, entrepreneurship or a social life affect the quality of my sex. 
You can have all the toys in the world, all the lube, all the porn – it means nothing without a clear understanding of yourself and your partner. I want to put the meaning back into sex. Whether it’s your ten year anniversary or your third date, sex should be more than just physical gratification. It should be fulfilling and enlightening at every encounter. If you never see the person again, he/she should never forget you. 
Quality over quantity is the principle I teach. 
When I decided to follow my calling, I never knew it would be such an awesome experience. The vagina has caused wars, created life and maintained peace; it is an honor to be able to empower women with such a powerful weapon. It’s time to take the awkward out of sex – and it starts with one word…

As a New York transplant, in Florida, Kimani has taken on the task of educating the world on sexual health and education. As a Mount Vernon, NY native, she has seen the effects that AIDS, HIV, and disease can have on communities like hers. She hopes to cease the transmission of these and other diseases one person at a time. If you know better, you’re inclined to do better. In her travels as a Passion Parties consultant, she has met & taught many people who know little to nothing about their sexual selves. She will have her license in Sex Therapy in 2015, in addition to her Human Services & Sex Education degrees, adding another pretty diploma to validate her journey. Find Kimani at VForVadge.

Kimi, thank you for being open, no pun intended, with your experience as sex educator. As a woman still trying to figure herself out, you make me feel comfortable knowing that what I’m experiencing is something normal. Thank you.

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