From xoNecole to Ain’t I Latina Nominations…

I promise I’m alive! It’s been a while since I’ve logged on and updated you all about what’s going on in my my world, but if you follow me on social media, you can see life has been keeping me busy. I know, I know, I said my hiatus would be up in September, and well, September is here, but I’m still trying to find that motherhood/significant other/friend/work balance. I don’t have it down pat just yet, but I am making progress and my anxiety hasn’t kicked my ass too much. Pray for meh y’all…

In the meantime, reading goodies! (See, I have been writing!) Here’s some of my latest work on xoNecole where I am the Love & Relationship Editor:

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I am proud to announce, Ain’t I Latina has selected me as a “People’s Choice” nominee for their #AfroLatinasWhoRock Awards! Say what?! Ain’t I Latina is hosting their annual brunch on October 3rd at Taj Lounge in New York City and I’ll be there, along with some dope Afro-Latinas who are doing undeniably incredible work in their respective industries and communities. I would love to see you, so if you’re in the area and would like to chop it up and be in the midst of other Afro-Latinas who are putting in work, RSVP here.

If you can’t make it but would like to root me on and show your support, vote for me here! From the Black Weblog Award nomination last year, to being a nominee for Ain’t I Latina‘s award, I am humbled and truly thankful just to be in the company of women I admire and can learn from.

I promise I’ll be back. None of this (the editor opportunity, AIL nomination) would be if it weren’t for this space. I’ll be back home in a little bit…

xx E.

The Spirits That Surround You

I’m a firm believer that how you leave your last year, sets the tone for how you begin your new year. I kept the New Year’s Eve shindigs low-key and intimate this year, making the decision that I wanted to spend it with my family and a bottle of port wine, good music to sing at ridiculous volumes to, and soul food to nourish my spirit. My children, at four and five, weren’t privy to a “ball drop” and found fascination in counting down to one with millions in the City of Lights, also known as Times Square. At midnight, I kissed the lips of my boys and my beau and we laughed until our stomachs hurt at Lord knows what. We snapped family selfies and drowned in Auntie Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” although the “Black gene” skipped Kamryn and my baby couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. It felt good. There was a peace that lingered in the air, a calm that resided over us all and we were grateful for a new year after leaving behind one that almost broke us apart as a family.

“What do you wish for this year?” I asked him as I swirled the wine with my finger, slumped on the coach and with my eyes closed.
“More quickies this year.” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious, and I didn’t pry to find out. Sometimes, you just need to leave things as is. “You?” he asked.
“Good energy around me. Negative spirits away from me.” Rob replied with his usual “hmm” and patted my leg as he rose from his place beside me. Growing up, “hmm’s” frightened me – I didn’t know what they meant, but at almost 28 years old, there’s something about a “hmm” when you hear it. You know what it means although it’s just the sound of a thought that’s stuck in your throat and couldn’t find its way out to properly formulate a word. You know because of how your spirit perceives it. 
Spirits are very much real.
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