Today’s Feature on Twenties Unscripted for The War on Black Women’s Bodies

Tyece is doing some amazing work over on Twenties Unscripted with her new blog series, The War on Black Women’s Bodies, which kicked off on November 5th. From the blog, the “series seeks to fuse the personal with the political as we tackle the intricacies of what it means to be a black woman in today’s world. Mind, body and spirit,” with Tyece proclaiming she couldn’t “blog her coming-of-age story without tackling race and womanhood head-on.”

Halfway through the series, Ty’s covered the battle of: representation (media & pop culture,) reawakening (sexuality & sexual assault,) and recovery (domestic violence.) I’ve been granted the opportunity to share my story a little more in depth on DV and so you can catch today’s post, featuring my experience, here and the first two parts of the series, here and here.

Tyece is still seeking people to inteview for the next two parts of The War on Black Women’s Bodies – The Battle for Reform: Access to Healthcare and The Battle for Revival: Mind & Spirit. Contact her via email at

Oh, and if you caught (or missed) our F-Bombs chat, check us out next Tuesday night for a chat you don’t want to miss.