Gifts For You: The Three E’s of Personal Blogging Worksheet

Tyece and I had the opportunity to present our first workshop (The Three E’s of Personal Blogging: Explore, Exploit, Evolve: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch At Any Stage Of Your Blogging Journey) at the 2015 DC Blogger’s Week UnConference, a collaborative effort aiming to help bloggers – specifically, personal bloggers – with their elevator pitches.

We found it interesting how our pitches changed of the course of several years into our blogging experience, and we designed a worksheet with the intent to not only help you think about where you are on our scale, but to assist you in creating your own pitch.

On the worksheet you can find my three E’s of personal blogging and the various pitches I used from 2009 to the present day. In case you missed out on the conference, you’re in luck.


Elevator Pitch Printable