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Can you believe it’s May already? As summer approaches, I promise to have more hot & emotionally heavy posts that’ll make you sweat and grab a fan on the way on FAWF! 
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Wildflowers Unscripted – Day 2

Past/Current Relationship

One of the funniest things to me about Facebook when I joined my freshmen year of college, was the “It’s Complicated” marital status. I always said and firmly believed, you’re either in it or you ain’t and if it’s hard to figure out where the two if you are, then well, you shouldn’t be together. But if we were to fast forward from 2005 to 2014, I find myself nine years later with two children and in a – you’ve guessed it – complicated relationship. 
My current situation is slowly becoming one of the past. We’re in it but our hearts aren’t. We just go with the flow as the days pass and maybe we aren’t growing because we’ve become so comfortable with one another, complacent in being stagnant, not open to change. From time to time, I find myself slipping – instead of we were, I’m still caught up in we are and transitioning to I instead of we has been rough. I have my moments. Being in a long-term relationship and suddenly waking up and finding yourself alone in a bed that once held two people dangerously in love, is hard without a doubt. How do you start over? Where do go after almost a decade long relationship? 
There are too many questions that don’t seem to have answers. Too many days that go by where things don’t make sense. Too many plans for a future that’ll now be put on hold and all I have left are present day thoughts of him who will soon be just a thing of the past.