Feature: I Added My Two Cents In The Mommy Debate



Don’t get it twisted, moms be beefing too. For as long as I’ve been a mother, the topic of stay-at-home parents versus parents who work outside the home, has struck a nerve with me on several occasions. My good friend Jhéanell snagged some Mommies from both ends of the spectrum to weigh in on the subject.

I added my two cents in on that brief moment I opted to stay at home with the boys, and my thoughts on working a 9 to 5. Check it out here.

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“You should build a tribe of like-minded women who are looking into developing their brands and are struggling from the bottom like you are. You should drown yourself more in reading than you do in writing to heighten your jargon and your mindset, and you should most definitely look for inspiration for your work in the things that surround you… but here’s what you should not do. In your search to find your voice, you should not imitate the style of another writer.”
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