Recipe for Sex

Take 1 boy & add 1 girl

Lay them in a bed flat one top of the other

Remove his pants & slide off her shirt

Snip the back pieces of her bra

Unclip the buttons on his polo

Add a teaspoon of moaning

Some pepper to spice it up just a bit

Subtract her panties and divide her bended legs

Lift them in the air & connect the boy with the girl

Turn the heat in the room to 350¤

Let her juices simmer for about 5 minutes

Take his finger & slide it in her til he feels the temperature’s right

The room’s up to 375¤

Taste the juice to see if it’s sweet enough

If not, add a cinammon stick & grind it on top of the girl

Multiply her groans and the stratches on his back by 4

Increase the flame to 425¤

Find the square root to her spot

Join them closer together til they can both feel each other’s breath

Lick each other’s sweat as they rub faster & harder

Lower the degrees as he climaxes

Pin down her arms as she let’s out a sigh

Stir them together in one another’s arms

Beat his heart so loudly she can hear it as she lays beside him

Open the oven & let the room cool for about 10 minutes

Serve with an ounce of hersey kisses afterwards…..

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