It’s pretty simple. I’m a twenty-something native New Yorker, mother of two boys, a woman in a complicated situation and the writer behind this here blog. I write almost every blog post with the aid of two glasses of red wine and screaming children in my ears. I’m a fusion of Dorothy + a pinch of Sophia with a drop of Blanche Devereaux. I have a love/hate relationship with hip-hop and I stan for little girls with dreams + women with visions that helped me become the force I am today. 

I’m wise with words and proficient in profanity. I believe that pork bacon is for the real and I’m in love with hauntingly beautiful piano pieces. I’m certain I can kick your ass in spades and chess, I may even out jump you in double dutch. My side hustle is performing spoken word, I hope to see my name in a Barnes & Noble one day, and my favorite book is the dictionary. 

I’m a writer for VIBE Vixen, served as one of the main writers for From A Wildflower, have had my work appear on For HarrietTwenties Unscripted, been featured on Yetti Says for the “Phenomenal You” + “Blogger Confessions” Series, Brown Girl Bloggers as their “Blogger Spotlight for the Week” and All The Many Layers as a “Soulful Beauty of the Week.” Cosmopolitan for Latinas also gave me some love, listing me under their top 10 Afro-Latina Bloggers You Should Follow.

Please read all posts in Meredith Grey’s voice from Grey’s Anatomy because that’s how I read them and having wine (or vodka) readily available, may be a good idea.

Is that it? Let’s begin…