Beyond 100 Words – Minnie’s Story

If anyone were to ask me why I chose to become a writer, there would be a list of reasons, but the one that I say proudly, without hesitation, is that writing saved my life. I was one of those folks who believed that writing was an easy task. I assumed that all writers sat at their desk with a pen and a pad and just wrote a bunch of metaphoric and poetic phrases about nature. Boy, was I wrong. After being a writer for years – 20+ years journaling and 7 months blogging – I realized that writers (especially those who blog) are brave. We have to be.

I was one of those young women that kept a journal. I needed a place where I could express myself freely, a place where my secrets were safe. I needed to be able to speak my mind. My journal was that friend who was always there to keep my secrets; it didn’t judge me, it was where I could truly and wholeheartedly be myself. Writing down my fears, frustrations and goals helped me overcome deep depression. 

It was my prized possession while I was homeless sleeping in a shelter, it aided in helping me grieve and accept my mother’s death. Through it all, a craft that God has instilled in me became my salvation, my survival, me, period.

Some of you may have stories similar to mine or completely different, but what we have in common is that we are brave enough to share them. As writers who blog, we put it all on the page, unfiltered. We go against our own doubts and fears to put our truth out there in a world that would either judge it or accept it. Through our words, we offer our readers and fellow bloggers encouragement even when we don’t feel like our words are making a difference.

I’ve blogged before, but this time around, I’m fully committed. I feel like my story should be shared, 100 words at a time of course. I’m willing to share pieces of me in hopes that someone will relate, someone will find comfort, someone will laugh, someone will know that they’re not alone, and trust me sometimes it isn’t that easy.

There are times when the words aren’t fitting together or the inspiration isn’t coming, but that’s natural. 

Just know that our words are valid. Our feelings are valid.

Most of us have created platforms where we are free to write what we want, whenever the hell we want, isn’t it beautiful?

Without writing and blogging, I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today. I wouldn’t have survived my darkest hours and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this new found freedom and power. I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy your stories and relate. I am proud to call myself a Black woman who blogs from the heart. I’m proud to be amongst the dozens of women who have endured the trials and tribulations that comes with blogging and who are victorious because the world is reading and listening now.

I am indebted to writing for providing a platform to voice my opinions and to share my life to all of you. I am so grateful that the craft of writing is within me and all of you. 

We are forever bound together.

Mahneerah “Minnie” Griffin is a resident of Jersey City, NJ and a recent graduate of New Jersey City University with a B.A. in English-Journalism. A newbie in the blogging world, her blog, Life In 100 Words, is a look into her life with just one hundred words, literally. She has plans to turn her blog into a staple in the blogging world. She enjoys herbal tea, lipstick and listening to anything by Erykah Badu & Jill Scott.

I don’t remember how I met Minnie on social media but I met her in person at the What Binds Us Together Brunch in August and I was drawn to her grand personality and larger-than-life attitude. Minnie’s blog always amazed me, writing post after post in exactly 100 words, but living without limits. That’s commendable. THANK YOU Minnie for sharing your story.


  1. Melanie 09.23.2014

    I loved this piece. It resonates with me, a journalism major taking blogging seriously for the first time. Making the decision to give my attention to my surroundings has been extremely rewarding for me, both as a writer and a young woman. Again, thank you! Reminded that I’m not alone on this journey towards fearlessness.

  2. Wow. What an incredible piece of writing. I love this line: “Our feelings are valid.” This is something I’m forever struggling to convince myself of – that it’s OK to feel however I feel, even if the feelings seem “negative.” I’m forever trying to pull myself out of the feelings I perceive as “bad,” trying to get them out of the way so I can bring in the “good” ones again, without giving any credence to the absolute validity of the occasional bouts of sadness, anger, etc. Our feelings are valid, period – even when they’re not “good” ones.


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