I made the transition from composition notebook to blog after my book started to tear from wet tear marks, doodling and scribble-scrabble filled up most of my pages and I decided there wasn’t anything to be afraid of when sharing my journey with you…

Continually evolving since its debut in 2009, Everything EnJ serves as my online journal for the world to read and judge, hopefully laugh and maybe even cry. The posts you’ll read feature the highs and the lows, spotlights the beautiful moments and doesn’t leave out life’s blows. It’s pretty damn raw and honest, not safe for work and may be even your soul. 

This is about love and heartbreak, cutting ties and connecting with readers. I write these words because I’m figuring out life and figuring out myself. 

I hope the words on this screen resonate with your spirit and leave you feeling nostalgic.

My wish is for you to respect my art as I candidly share my experiences with you on this platform that I’ve created. I’m here to bitch, rant and heal, but more importantly, give you me.

Welcome to everything EnJ

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